The Gloster is one of the most popular type canaries.  It is a small, roundish, and compact bird; lively and bold.

The Gloster comes in two varieties: 

  • One is the Corona, the bird with a complete circular crest on the head
  • It's counterpart is the Consort, which has no crest

Color varieties include: Yellows, Greens, Cinnamons, Fawns, Blues, and Whites; Clear to Heavy Varigated Varieties

There are two possible pairings that should be avoided:

  • pairing Dominant-whites with each other; otherwise, ¼ of the young will not be viable and may die in the egg or soon after hatching.  
  • pairing two crested birds; a Corona should always be mated with a Consort

Whether the cock or the hen is crested is immaterial.  
Corona male
White Corona male

Cinnamon Variegated Corona, hen
Blue Corona, male
White Grizzle
Fawn Consort, hen
Champion Bloodlines
by Jan Davie, St. Charles, Illinois
Fawn corona, 
Fawn Consort
Heavy Variegated corona male
Blue Corona hen
Blue corona hen