Stafford Canaries--

The Stafford is a new breed of canary; which originated in Stafford, England.  

Their first appearance on the British National Exhibition bench was in 1987.  The Canary Council of Great Britain accepted the Stafford as a new breed of canary in 1990.  

Here in America, the National Cage Bird show added a Stafford section in the Type division for the 1992 National show.  Originally only the crested birds were exhibited, now both crested and non-crested are shown.
Staffords are a Type canary in red and rose ground colors, including melaninistic coloring in the selfs.  They are a color bred canary, but not every colored bird with a crest is a Stafford.  They are a cross between the Gloster and Red Factor types. 

Red ground color should be a bright fiery red evenly distributed throughout the plumage.  

Rose ground color should be a rich, bright pink which is evenly distributed throughout the plumage.  Rose ground color should be a rich, bright pink which is evenly distributed.  

Staffords are five inches long and bred to an accepted type standard.  

They can be Clear, Variegated or Self.  

There are three feather types: Non-frosted, Frosted, and Mosaic (dimorphic).

Crested birds are bred to non-crested. 
Non-crested Variegated Mosaic, male
Crested Non-Frosted Clear
Non-Crested Non-Frosted
Crested Frosted Heavy Varigated
Crested Frosted  Red 
Crested Varigated Mosaic, male
Crested clear Mosaic, hen
Dark Crested Frosted
Non-Crested Frosted Varigated
Crested Heavy Varigated Frosted
Crested Mosaic, male
Non-crested Varigated Mosaic, hen

Champion Bloodlines
by Jan Davie, St. Charles, Illinois